About Mariah Fenton Gladis Foundation

Dear Friend,

We are excited to announce that the Mariah Fenton Gladis Foundation has been granted a 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue; it is now a public charity exempt from federal income tax. The Foundation’s mission is to help individuals, families and communities through programs that bring a sense of love, compassion and forgiveness to those with a passionate desire to create better lives. This mission directly reflects the work and ideals of Mariah Fenton Gladis who has said:

“People often ask me how I do it, listening to people’s problems all day long for over 35 years, and not get burned out, drained or disheartened. I tell them that I don’t hear problems. I see people reaching for health; wanting to change, wanting to be better human beings, wanting to create happier families. I have been privileged to work with people from every continent and from all levels of life and I hear them wanting to love and be loved more effectively, wanting to remove the barriers in their life and provide more for their loved ones on every level, economically and emotionally. This is a privileged position that I have, sharing so many heartwarming moments of laughter and tears with people working toward healing.”

Since 2006, the Mariah Fenton Gladis Foundation has funded special workshops on Embracing Yourself into Wellness, for cancer patients that offers the opportunity to create the necessary moments needed to move forward in wholeness and health, Befriending Death/Transforming Life, that explores the practical and psycho-spiritual preparations for death, and Bless the Broken Road, that presents an opportunity to experience physical or emotional heartbreak more as a gift, a resource to mine wisdom and compassion, than an impediment to living a full life.

The Foundation have also supported needy students in life skills training, provided private counseling for the underserved and financially destitute, given inspirational lectures on the value of hope and personal sustainability and—we have more on the horizon. We want to create more special workshops on self care, attract more of the served and underserved, give back more to the community—all with the concept of reaching inward and outward to provide more love, compassion and forgiveness in our world.

Our goal is to empower the whole person to master, monitor, accept and enjoy their inner life as well as their life in the world. We believe that each of us is a powerful agent of change and as more people spread love, compassion and forgiveness, the more we will create peace in our hearts, our families, our community, our country, and ultimately together peace in our world.

To realize our goal we need your help. In 2012, the Foundation will support:

• A weekend healing workshop, Sexual Abuse Survivors Workshop For Healing, for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. With the tragic and continuing news about this travesty, the Foundation wants to help the victims of these terrible crimes against the soul. Mariah has worked with literally hundreds of patients who have been sexually abused by parents, siblings, coaches and clergy, and has seen the devastating long-term effect of this trauma.

• One-day seminar, Bless The Broken Road, supporting the Fighting Back Scholarship Fund, whose mission is to recognize and provide financial assistance for post-rehabilitative exercise to individuals who have suffered a life changing illness or injury and have endured that experience through courage, desire and perseverance.

• A one-day Message of Hope seminar. This experiential presentation will focus on developing tools to create the inner capacity to bring light to the darkness of hopelessness. In Mariah’s world, even our heartbreak can be turned into something of value and experienced as a gift—a present, a resource to mine wisdom & compassion. Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, the challenge is the same. Mariah will be joined by special guests who will tell their stories of healing and share what they’ve learned about the power of hope.

An Afternoon of Forgiveness which focuses on the beneficial body, mind, and spiritual effects of forgiving, a powerful and sacred act that can be an antidote to depression, anxiety and shame. When we forgive, we give ourselves permission to put down a great weight we have been carrying. The beneficial effects of forgiveness ripple out to our physical health and to all our relationships.

• Distribution of Mariah’s signature booklet, Bitterness Is Not An Option, an interview style reflection of her life with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and the transformational life lessons this disease has taught her.

With your generous support we will continue to offer concrete tools to those that desire to effect change inward and outward. Your donation will be the “helping hand” we all need at certain points on our life journey. The hand in the Foundation’s logo represents support, a loving, nurturing and safe environment for the (health seeking) caterpillar to grow and transform into a beautiful and healthy butterfly. With your gift, you will be extending a hand to someone in need.

Please send you tax-deductible contributions made out to the MFG Foundation at: PO Box 1435 Paoli PA 19301. Or go on-line to learn more about the Foundation at www.mfgfoundation.org and contribute through PayPal.

Thank you so much for your continuing support.

Ron Gladis